Utilize AI to streamline clinical workflow.


Enhance clinical insights with accessible imaging.


Enable network integration and automate information sharing.

Time is Brain

15MILLIONStrokes per Year
5MILLIONPermanently Disabled
1.5MILLIONNeurons per Minute

Stroke is the second leading cause of death globally and the most cited cause of acquired neurological disability. According to the World Health Organization approximately 15 million people suffer a stroke worldwide each year. 5 million of those patients will suffer permanent disability. When someone suffers a stroke 1.5 million neurons are lost per minute.*

**1- Statistics from

Simplify the stroke care path

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3Communicatewith Colleagues

Acute stroke care requires timely diagnosis which relies on quick identification and accurate image interpretation at front-line hospitals. Enhanced image interpretation and collaboration across the network are key to quick and effective decision-making. StrokeSENS™ aims to simplify the stroke care pathway by automatically flagging suspicious cases, augmenting image interpretation, and encouraging collaboration across the stroke network.

Simplify without compromise

StrokeSENS™ is designed to bring diagnostic expertise to help front-line physicians make faster decisions assisted by AI, and to help collaboration across the stroke care team.

Advanced Tools
Enhanced Workflow

Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score (ASPECTS)

AI-assisted identification of early ischemic changes based on the Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score (ASPECTS) enables standardized assessment of ischemic tissue on non-contrast CT by front-line clinicians.

Multi-phase CTA (mCTA) Perfusion*

Innovations in time-resolved CT Angiography (multi-phase CTA) and AI-assisted image interpretation allow clinicians to visualize changes in blood flow and perfusion from a simple 3-phase CTA.

Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO) Detection

StrokeSENS automatically identifies findings suggestive of large vessel occlusion (LVO) on CTA and communicates those findings across the stroke care team.

Regulatory Status

StrokeSENS is CE marked and available for clinical diagnostic purposes in the EU and UK.

*mCTA Perfusion is for research purposes only.

Connect from anywhere

Stay connected with StrokeSENS’ WebViewer which enables secure remote access from any web-enabled device.

Real Time Collaboration

Enhance network collaboration through real-time interpretation and GDPR/HIPPA-compliant communication of image data between specialists and front-line care providers.

Intelligent automated workflow

The StrokeSENS intelligent workflow interprets available imaging data and dynamically adjusts to present relevant viewports, visualizations, and decision-aids while also allowing for the flexibility of a standard radiological workstation.

Regulatory Status

StrokeSENS is CE marked and available for clinical diagnostic purposes in the EU and UK.

*mCTA Perfusion is for research purposes only.

StrokeSENS Advantage

What Drives StrokeSENS

Circle Neurovascular Imaging is built on the foundation of the industry-leading Circle Cardiovascular Imaging, in collaboration with physicians from the Calgary Stroke Program.

StrokeSENS was envisioned by leading stroke care clinicians and industry experts to support the front-line in moving patients to the right treatments, faster, through innovative tools that optimize imaging.

We are dedicated to providing health systems with innovative and clinically validated software solutions that leverage state-of-the-art design and technology to enhance acute stroke care.

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